Aquatic Animals

It is estimated that there are 7.77 million species of animals, of which only 953,434 have been described and classified.

Aquatic animals live in water for most or all of their life-cycle. Some aquatic animals breathe air similar to terrestrial animals, others use gills to extract oxygen from the water, and many breathe directly through their skin. Humans have contributed to a massive decline in aquatic species. The most astounding scientific finds may have already been lost due to human arrogance and negligence. Below you will find animals that have some very unexpected long lifespans. The lack of knowledge about Earth’s waters makes this list of long-lived creatures one of the most fascinating and hopefully one that continues to grow.

Phylum: Annelida

Class: Polychaeta

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Malacostraca

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Class: Amphibia

Class: Chondrichthyes

Class: Mammalia

Class: Reptilia

Phylum: Cnidaria

Class: Anthozoa

Phylum: Echinodermata

Class: Echinoidea

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Bivalvia

Phylum: Porifera

Class: Demospongiae

Class: Hexactinellida