10- Year Old 'Toad Trapper' - The hero we didn't know we needed.

Written by: Clare-Anne Canfield  

Published on Thursday, July 19th, 2018 at 8:12 am EDT

Written by: Clare-Anne Canfield


Cane toads will eat anything, but they are especially dangerous to pets and native species. Photo Credit: Scott Murray

Cane toads are native to South and Central American and they can grow to be almost 6 inches long. These giants secrete a toxin from their skin, which can kill wild and domesticated animals. They are particularly a problem for dogs because dogs tend to like to put everything in their mouths.

Cane toads will eat anything: native frogs and toads, rodents, snakes, carcasses, dog food, snails, your wallet...Anything.  These toads are considered an invasive species here and Florida, but we have something the toads are not expecting, we have the Toad Trapper.
You thought I was kidding about this. I wasn't. Photo Credit: Unknown

Landen Grey of Naples, Florida is taking back the South Florida streets (and yards).  Landen is hired by locals for $5.00 per house to keep their yards cleared of Cane toads and business is booming. The 10-year old is booked out by two weeks at any given time! Landen is also working with the state to use the toad poison to attract Cane toad tadpoles so that they can be euthanized before reaching adulthood! How cool is this kid?

If you want to join the effort to protect native Florida species, be sure to do your research. Small Cane toads can look very similar to native toads and the last thing you should do is kill something you're not sure about. Keep in mind that compassion goes a long way. Cane toads were brought here by a much more invasive species - humans. The best way to kill a Cane toad is to rub 20% benzocaine toothache gel on the lower belly of the toad, then wait for it to immobilize and place it in the freezer for 48 hours. 

Native Southern Toad VS Invasive Cane Toad. Photo Credit: Dr. Steve A. Johnson

Cane toad in my backyard that likely ate my lunch. Photo Credit: Clare-Anne Canfield

Off to keep Florida clean. Photo Credit: Unknown