These animals sleep more than you

Written by: Clare-Anne Canfield  

Published on Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 7:38 am EST

Written by: Clare-Anne Canfield


There are many animals that clock in over 8 hours of sleep per day and some even sleep more than humans after a late night with too many margaritas. It's not the easiest task to study sleeping animals in the wild, but here's what we know:
Nice pillow.
Photo Credit: Phillip Barrington

1. Koalas love sleep and they get around 22 hours of slumber per day.
2. Brown bats snooze around 19 to 20 hours per day.
Go away, it's too early.
Photo Credit: USFWS/Ann Froschauer

3. Giant armadillos sleep around 18 hours per day. They are the largest living armadillo species. You can see them roaming the South American countryside for a whopping 6 hours each day. Tough work day!
Giant armadillos are really just tiny Gamera.
Photo Credit: Amareta Kelly